Poster 6 – Kansas City vs. Los Angeles

Poster 6 – Kansas City vs. Los Angeles

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Week 12 poster for Kansas City vs. Los Angeles.

Artist:  ARTIST: Grant Gruenhaupt | Instagram | website:

Size:  12" x 18"

100% of net proceeds are donated to local charities that help positively impact the Kansas City Community


The Chiefs vs Rams game is one with multiple ties; the historic Monday Night Football game against the Rams in 2018 and the fact that the Rams used to be close neighbors over in St. Louis. Not to mention my favorite connection being coach Andy Reid’s Punt, Pass & Kick footage from a Rams game in 1971. I chose to weave the connection in the poster through color, with the scheme leaning red and blue, accented with golds/yellows (the color shared by both teams). I painted one large helmet along with the moment the team runs out of the tunnel as one to illustrate a group that is singular in focus and mind. Despite a couple opportunities to play in the postseason, this is just the second time the two teams will play since the Rams relocated to LA. No matter where each team is in their season, this game carries weight on multiple fronts.